Monday, October 3, 2011

Daisy/Star Stitch Hat

I finished my very first hat awhile ago and am now just getting some time to post about it on my blog. I love love love this pattern because it is quick to make but has nice bits of detail to it. This project was also the first time I used a material other than acrylic (used 100% wool this time in hopes it will keep my head warm in the coming Minnesota winter).

Here is a closer look at the Daisy Stitch pattern which is a "k3tog, yo, k3tog" using the same three stitches before moving it to the next needle. The k3tog gives it its starburst shape.

I found the pattern here on It's actually called the Godric's Hollow Hat because it's based off the hat Hermione wore when they traveled to Godric's Hollow in the second to last Harry Potter movie. You can see a still of it from the movie below. You can actually block the hat so that it is wider almost like a beret, but I prefer it as a beanie so I didn't stretch it while blocking.

Now if I can just finish the olive wrap I've been working on since the dawn of time... I am so tired of seeing it on my needles. In the meantime I'm making another Daisy Stitch hat in solid green so that it will match the scarf I just made (as seen in the previous blog post:)

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